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Water purification solutions
for a lifetime’s peace of mind

Life-giving. Vital. And in increasingly short supply. At Stellenbosch-based Purify My Water, we appreciate the challenges our country faces when it comes to this scarce resource. Which is why we’ve made it our mission to provide you with a viable water alternative.

Our advanced water purification offering enables you to turn your household water into crystal-clear, safe water for your family. It’s the sustainable water solution of tomorrow, delivered to you today.

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Under-Counter and Countertop Water Purifiers

Whether you rely on municipal water, groundwater or harvested rainwater, you want to know it’s 100% safe. Our water treatment solutions give you that peace of mind. Affordable and easy to maintain, Purify My Water has what you need to turn what comes out of your tap into pure life-enhancing goodness.
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Whole-house water purification systems

Want more than a water purifier at your kitchen sink? Then a whole-house water treatment solution is what you need. Designed to plug directly into your home’s main water supply, wherever you get it from, our whole-house purifiers remove microscopic solid particles, kill all micro-organisms and remove chemicals detrimental to your health.
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Water Purifier Parts

Replacement cartridges, water filters, spare parts, service kits and any water treatment extras you may need, all in one place. Our service promise to you is uncompromising, which is why Purify My Water customers enjoy 24/7 service back up. Because we know when something goes wrong, there must be someone you can call.
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Purified water | why should you?

Cut your dependence on municipal supply. Be secure in the knowledge that you’ll always have water. Know that what your family drinks is good for them. The benefits of harvesting, storing and purifying your own water are numerous. And with Purify My Water it’s easy too.

It’s cheaper

when you harvest your rainwater or use a borehole for your household.

It’s cleaner

because you’re in charge of quality control – you know it’s good.

It’s safer

in an increasingly water-scarce country with infrastructure challenges.

It’s friendlier

thanks to green technology with a next-to-zero carbon footprint.

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